Spiritual Business & Personal Coach

Guidance & Inspiration

Always seeking to educate, inspire and empower all that I come in contact with for the community and the world

Help when you need it!

The New Time and Space we have entered, blends Business with Spirituality and a New Consciousness.

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 Spiritual Intervention

Guidance & Inspiration

Some clients need only someone to listen to them, while other clients need immediate Spiritual Intervention

Spiritual & Business Sessions

Personal One on One Sessions

"Mission Statement:
As we move into an age of Spiritual Awakening, the need for Spiritual Leadership and Spiritual Guidance will grow and be more valuable than ever!


Spiritual Life Coach

Learn from my unique abilities to manifest Spiritual Light into Darkness and to discern what is mind, body and /or soul imbalances or blockages. Using my Inner Spiritual Awareness Christi can reach deep into the root causes of your personal individual situations. Christi as your Spiritual Life Coach will offer many options and solutions for your Spiritual Journey.

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